2019 Indiana Pacers Toddler Juvenile Sweatshirt Indiana Pacers Much Improved Black

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For Any Occasion. Our Drexel Basketball Toddler Juvenile Sweatshirt is sporty, casual and stylish. They are suitable for any occasion and must be your first choise to wear when you are going to watch movies, hang out with your friends or enjoy a small party.

  • SKU: Example-#I36LTBRJr7eZNtL8ML
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Long sleeves, cuffs, neckline, hem thread
  • Use polyester-cotton fabric, feel moderately, slightly elastic
  • Sleeve round neck design, easy to put on and take off
  • 2019 Indiana Pacers,Indiana Pacers Atlanta Hawks ,Ao Tennis.Comfortable version, can be matched with a variety of bottoms
  • Can be worn alone or worn inside
  • For daily wear, hanging out, traveling, home decoration, etc., suitable for spring, autumn and winter wear.
  • Hand wash/machine wash
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