bookish christmas text

Since this year is my first year blogging, I was super excited to find out that Oh Chrys was hosting a Book Blogger exchange. I mean, awesome much? I just love discovering all these new things within the book blogging community and I signed up immediately.

On November 9th, I got an email that told me my partner for this bookish Christmas exchange would be Christine from Fathomless! I’d never been to her blog before, so of course there was a little snooping around involved (on her blog as well as her Goodreads profile). She’s a sweetheart and loved getting to know her better. I sincerely hope that we’ll stay in touch after all the Christmas madness has passed.

I received my package a few days ago *Squeals*  and opened it when it arrived, because I am a little kid and can’t wait to open pretty shiny presents. I tried! I really did, but the package kept staring at me and begged me to open it, and who am I to disappoint a Christmas present?! I mean that would be plain mean.

bookish christmas new

These are my pretty presents from Christine! There was a letter (I love personal letters! There’s just something magical about them and they’re so much better than emails!), lots of swag and a book that has been on my Wish-list for way to long! This book is the UK edition of The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider, and isn’t it pretty?!

This one is officially of my Wish-list now! Thank you so much Christine! and I hope you love your present as much as I love mine!

Merry Christmas to you all!