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Welcome to the explorations of an amateur photographer, professional bookworm, part-time wine enthusiast, and full-time cat mom.

I am originally from the Netherlands and am currently living in Edinburgh. Having lived all kinds of adventures through the books I read, August 2018 I decided to go on my own adventure by moving to Scotland and chasing a career in publishing.




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How ‘Eat Train Read’ Came About

Believe it or not, but this website has been around since May 2013. Over the years it has gone through a name change and several design changes. Back in the day I started this website as a personal travel blog to keep my family informed when went on my first solo travel trip. It then turned into a book blog when I discovered the online book blogging community. This was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made, as it helped me practice my English and find my own voice. Finally, the two merged into one and it became the blog you know today: Eat Train Read. Inspired by a love for food, being active, and a serious addiction to reading.

Although this website has had many different looks, there is one thing that remained the same throughout it all: my passion for books and blogging. The blogging community has inspired me time and time again, and I get to do the same for my reader through the many photos, stories, and reviews I share on this website.


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Visiting The Kelpies with the Family

The last two weeks my family was visiting, and  we visited a bunch of places together. I'd been wanting to visit the Kelpies for a while now, and them being here provided the ultimate opportunity to pay a visit to these equine sculptures.I'd seen pictures of the...

I Designed, Edited, and Produced my First Book

You may or may not know that I am a MSc Publishing student at Edinburgh Napier University. During our second trimester we got to do a really cool project. (Probably the coolest project I've ever done!) We had to produce our very own book. We were given two criteria:...