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Welcome to the explorations of an amateur photographer, professional bookworm, part-time wine enthusiast, and full-time cat mom.

I am originally from the Netherlands and am currently living in Edinburgh. Having lived all kinds of adventures through the books I read, August 2018 I decided to go on my own adventure by moving to Scotland and chasing a career in publishing.




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How ‘Eat Train Read’ Came About

Believe it or not, but this website has been around since May 2013. Over the years it has gone through a name change and several design changes. Back in the day I started this website as a personal travel blog to keep my family informed when went on my first solo travel trip. It then turned into a book blog when I discovered the online book blogging community. This was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made, as it helped me practice my English and find my own voice. Finally, the two merged into one and it became the blog you know today: Eat Train Read. Inspired by a love for food, being active, and a serious addiction to reading.

Although this website has had many different looks, there is one thing that remained the same throughout it all: my passion for books and blogging. The blogging community has inspired me time and time again, and I get to do the same for my reader through the many photos, stories, and reviews I share on this website.


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Edinburgh Castle and it’s stunning views

Edinburgh Castle and it’s stunning views

Athough I've been living in Edinburgh for almost a year, it so happens that I never actually paid a visit to the the castle that's very hard to miss when you visit the city. I'm happy to report that I have finally remedied that mistake and stepped foot inside the...

The Fairy Pools on Isle Skye

The Fairy Pools on Isle Skye

When my parents were visiting in May, we planned a rather spontaneous four-day trip to the Highlands. One of those days was spent visiting Isle of Skye, or rather, vising the Fairy Pools on Isle of Skye. I have a massive list of places I want to visit in Scotland, and...

You’d Be Mine by Erin Hahn | Sister Review

You’d Be Mine by Erin Hahn | Sister Review

 This review is a combined effort between me and my sister. We read a book and review it by asking each other questions related to the title we are reviewing. The idea is to provide you with two different perspectives.  This review might contain spoilers! We might...