Best views of Edinburgh

My favourite walk with the best view

Best view of Edinburgh

You might have realised from the previous posts I’ve written about Arthur’s Seat that it’s one of my favourite spots in the city. I am firmly of opinion that it offers THE best view of the city. It’s a bit of a workout to get to the top, but those 30 sweaty minutes to get here are beyond worth it.

Whenever someone visits me I ALWAYS take them up Arthur’s Seat. Because you simply can’t visit Edinburg and not go up Arthur’s Seat or the Salisbury Crags. So when friends were visiting the city, I took it as a perfect excuse to take them up Arthur’s Seat (and my camera in tow).

In this post I’ll highlight some of my favourite shots during one of my walks on Arthur’s Seat and explain why they’re my favourites. I’ve also added a little gallery at the end so you can flip through the rest of the photo series.

Sea of Yellow

Once you gain a little altitute going up Arthur’s Seat, the beautiful skyline of Edinburgh starts appearing. I love this picture because it shows that first glimpse of the beauiful view that’s to come if you keep going. All that scotch broom looks like a sea of yellow framing the city, with the actual sea making an appearance just behind it.

The first thing I usually do when I get to this point is looking behind me (and taking a little breather) and you can see why. Especially on a clear day you can see so far.  

The Salisbury Crags

Right next to Arthur’s Seat you’ll find the Salisbury Crag’s. That massive piece of rock which my sister jokingly calls it the shark fin (you’ll know what she means when you see it). This walk is not as steep, nor as high up as Arthur’s Seat. The view is no less spectacular though! 

Holyrood Palace

What I like so much about the Salisbury Crags is that the incline is less steap, slowly revealing more and more of the Edinburgh. This picture was taken after about ten minutes of walking, not even halfway up. It shows off Holyrood Palace, amidst green, with the rest of the city and sea behind it. 

Can you tell that I love those yellow colours from the scotch broom? I’m pretty sure that yellow makes an appearance in almost every picture I took. 

And those were my favourite two pictures! As always, I’ve included some more pictures in the photo gallery below. Click the images if you wish to see them in a larger format. They show some more city scapes, as well as Arthur’s Seat and the Salisbury Crags itself. I hope you liked this new photo series! Do let me know your thoughts in a comment (below)! 

Photo Gallery