A few days ago I sat in the train, on my way home, when I picked up a conversation between three people that were sitting three rows behind me. A girl was telling her friends about a book she’d read and loved. Which of course peeked my interest. Because I am the kind of person that, when I see somebody reading, I do everything to find out the title (like leaning over or dropping something, anything to get a peek). And hearing people talk about books makes me happy, so of course I was eavesdropping. However, the conversation took a different turn when one of the other girls claimed she hated the book (and the third agreed). Because she started backtracking, and claimed it wasn’t that good after all. She didn’t apologize for liking the book, but it came very close to an apology.


Why on earth, if you like a book, would you apologize for liking it?

If you like a book, wait scratch that, if you LOVE a book there NOTHING wrong with that. It’s YOUR opinion. Whether other people like the book or not, that doesn’t have anything to do with you. That’s the beauty of having your own opinion.

Never be ashamed of loving a book just because others don’t. One of my favourite series is Partials by Dan Wells. I recommended the book to a close friend of mine (and our taste in books is pretty similar), but it just wasn’t her cup of tea. Does that make me love the book less? Hell no. There isn’t a single book that everybody likes. There’s always going to be somebody that just didn’t really like it that much, and that is okay. That makes you YOU.

Now I didn’t say anything. It was bad enough I was eavesdropping. Plus, I don’t think it would be appreciated if I had started lecturing the poor girls. But if any of you ever feel the need to do the same (I know I have in the past… but I know better now), please take it from me: Don’t. There’s no need. If you love a book, stand behind it!

The End *bows* haha