Edinburgh in Full Bloom

Cherry blossom season in Edinburgh

Edinburgh in Full Bloom

When I visited Edinburgh a year ago, I was lucky enough to arrive right in the middle of cherry blossom season. Something I wasn’t aware was a thing in Edinburgh, but was a VERY welcome surprise! It will come as no surprise that ever since I moved here in August I have been anxiously awaiting the return of this pink splendour.
March came and went. April came around the corner, but still no cherry blossoms. Then, at the end of April on a very rare hot and sunny day they finally bloomed.

I live right next to The Meadows, one of my favourite parks in Edinburgh, and let it be the case that they completely transform when the cherry blossoms make their appearance. Whenever I walked past it, I did it with the biggest smile on my face. It’s just that pretty a sight. And because I love any excuse to go out and take some pictures, I decided to do a photo series of The Meadows covered in cherry blossoms.

In this post I’ll highlight some of my favourite shots and explain why they’re my favourites. I’ve also added a little gallery at the end so you can flip through the rest of the photo series.

Close up

My favourite part about walking through The Meadows in cherry blossom season is when you look up, all you see is pink. It’s the prettiest sight you can imagine!

I took plenty of close up shots, but this one on the left was one of my favourites because of the way the leaves and the branch frame the blossoms. The background is just unfocused enough to pull your attention to the center of the photo, but provides enough detail to show that there’s cherry blossoms wherever you look.

The Meadows Walkway

The next picture is from The Meadows Walkway. This is the picture I set out to make, because I walk past this point to uni and love it so much. I got up early because this walkway is usually busy with people on their way to work, walking their dog(s), or running. Even though I got there at 7.45AM, there were still plenty of people around. I had to practice my patience a bit and wait for the perfect photo oppurtunity.

A sea of pink

My patience (read: sitting around until the Meadows quieted down a bit) got rewarded with this photo. I’m pretty sure I want to frame this shot. There’s one lone person walking at the end of the walkway. Which is exactly what I was going for, because in the months I’ve lived here I’ve seen The Meadows quiet, but never empty.

I waited a week (or two) for the blossoms to start falling just to get this shot. I love how the fallen blossoms frame the path (and just ALL the blossoms in general).

That’s a wrap. These were my two favourite pictures from the MANY pictures I took. As promised, there’s a photo gallery below with some other outtakes of this photo series. I hope you liked this post! It’s a new thing I’m trying out and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it (and whether you would like more posts like this).

Photo Gallery