epic recssssssssssEpic Recs is a feature hosted by Amber and Paper Riot.

I am posting this totally late! Blame the Blogaversary Madness, as well as the unhealthy dose of stress that comes in stride with exams and a runners injury I managed to pick up at the beginning of this month. No hard feelings at all…

Last months Epic Rec was a HUGE success. You can find Kim’s review of Something Strange and Deadly here, and my review of Pivot Point here. Partly because of Epic Recs we decided to meet up (first timer) to exchange books and tell our March recommendations to each other in person! Which was awesome. She’s a total sweetheart and we clicked while sipping Starbucks Lattes and sharing a Blueberry Muffin (She loves Starbucks as well, which earnes her bonus points and makes her score on being awesome even higher haha).

Anyway, Lets see what Kim and I recommended each other, shall we?

EPIC REC (2)I recommended Where the Stars Still Shine, because it was one of my favourite 2013 reads. It’s a book that touched me, it is a beautiful read and a definite Must Read. Kim contacted me after she finished this book, and *Victory Dance* she loved it as well. Mission Accomplished!

Kim recommended Cinder to me because she adores the Lunar Chronicles series and -I quote- she can’t fangirl about it enough. She told me the series was epic, and she did not lie! That book was pure genius and I loved it! After finishing it I ordered Scarlet right away (and way too many other books), which will arrive somewhere next week. My review of Cinder will go up somewhere today as well. I can’t wait to share my thoughts about that book with you! Just in advance, there’s some fangirling involved…

So, once again a success! Lets keep up the good recommendations!