Fracture Me by Tahereh Mafi | Short Story ReviewFracture Me by Tahereh Mafi
Series: Shatter Me #2.5
Published by HarperCollins on December 17th 2013
Genres: Dystopian, Fantasy & Magic
Pages: 68
Format: Ebook

In this electrifying sixty-page companion novella to the New York Times bestselling Shatter Me series, discover the fate of the Omega Point rebels as they go up against The Reestablishment. Set during and soon after the final moments of Unravel Me, Fracture Me is told from Adam's perspective.

As Omega Point prepares to launch an all-out assault on The Reestablishment soldiers stationed in Sector 45, Adam's focus couldn't be further from the upcoming battle. He's reeling from his breakup with Juliette, scared for his best friend's life, and as concerned as ever for his brother James's safety. And just as Adam begins to wonder if this life is really for him, the alarms sound. It's time for war.

On the battlefield, it seems like the odds are in their favor—but taking down Warner, Adam's newly discovered half brother, won't be that easy. The Reestablishment can't tolerate a rebellion, and they'll do anything to crush the resistance . . . including killing everyone Adam has ever cared about.

Fracture Me sets the stage for Ignite Me, the explosive finale in Tahereh Mafi's epic dystopian series. It's a novella not to be missed by fans who crave action-packed stories with tantalizing romance like Divergent by Veronica Roth, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and Legend by Marie Lu.

What I thought NEWWhen I heard about this novella I got all excited, because I thought it would be another novella from Warner’s point of view. Now I have never made it a secret that after reading Unravel Me I came to like Warner. While I liked Adam just fine, loved him for the part he played in the first book, in Unravel Me there was this nagging in the back of my mind that he and Juliette weren’t what they were supposed to be. After reading Fracture Me, which is told from Adam’s perspective and not Warner’s perspective, supported what I suspected. For me, it emphasised that I was right to think that Adam wasn’t the right guy for Juliette.

While I suspected it, I had never thought that Adam’s feelings for Juliette where this fragile. I know that the guy loves James, his little brother. As he should! But his feelings for Juliette don’t even compare. I hated how he abandoned her in Fracture Me. Yes, he chose to save his brother. That’s not the part that I have a problem with. My problem lies with the fact that when the welfare of his brother was secured, he didn’t even bother to go after the girl he claims he loves. She doesn’t even cross his mind. That’s not right.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand that he wants his little brother safe first, after all, its the only family he has left. But that doesn’t change the way he feels for Juliette, so the question here should be what he felt for her in the first place?

Hell, even Kenji wanted to go back and save her, but Adam talked him out of it. Shouldn’t he want to see both his brother and the girl he loves safe? Kenji even reminded him that they should go back and look for Juliette while the others were safe. And he reminded him that he should’ve been more worried about the girl he claimed to love.

I honestly think that Adam feels something for Juliette, but it isn’t nearly what it should be. And it’s nowhere near the feelings that Warner has for Juliette! While Adam tries to baby her, thinks she is weak and tells her she shouldn’t fight, Warner does the complete opposite and pushes her to be more. He pushes her to reach her full potential and to embrace who she is. I’m not claiming that Warner is a saint, because we all know that would be a big lie, what I am saying is that he has does have Juliette’s best interest at heart (even if he doesn’t always act like it).

Yeah, I don’t think Juliette and Adam are going to survive as a couple… Honestly, I think she deserves better than him, someone that at least cares more about her well-being and doesn’t forget her altogether when things turn to shit (Excuse my language).

Fracture Me wasn’t as personal as Destroy Me. In Destroy Me we literally took a dive inside Warner’s brain. We learned to understand him a little better, and -while not so important- it was the start of my crush for Warner. Fracture Me was less deep than the first novella, but it did tell me a lot more about Adam and his love and dedication to his brother.

If I haven’t said it enough the last few months, I’ll say it again just for good measure. I can’t wait to read Ignite Me! The wait is killing and I’m even more impatient after reading Fracture Me (the preview of the first chapter added to that as well).