Daily Dose

Gloomy and rainy and clouded. Yes, gloomy, rainy, and clouded, that’s what the weather has been reduced to for the past week and boy does it affect my mood. While its the perfect weather to curl up on the couch with a blanket, hot cup of tea and a good book, I do feel like pointing an accusatory finger towards the sky and scold whomever will listen for bringing this weather down on me and making me feel miserable. It should be snowing, everything is supposed to look beautiful, the streets covered with a blanket of fresh sparkly snow.

Lets rewind a little bit, and follow my own advise… That’s better! Armed with my precious laptop on my lap and safely wrapped inside a warm and comfy blanket I am now typing away while sipping a hot cup of tea. Don’t worry, this is not going to be a post where I’m bashing on the weather. It is going to be a post about the weather and how it affects my mood and therefore my blogging habits.

I love blogging and all that comes with it. And before I since I started blogging I’ve grown a lot. There are lots of things I’ve learned since and I now know about things that come with being a book blogger. The receiving and reviewing ARC’s, the friendly blogging community, the awesome blogger friends you make and experiencing the authors that aren’t as scary as you first thought (even befriending them, how awesome is that!). But unfortunately, also the lesser moments, such as the slumps, the hardship of actually DNF’ing your first book, and I found another one this week… Though this is probably an Iris-issue.

Because weird enough, my reading habits are suffering under the weather. The weather is just so gloomy, and while I read (boy do I read, because like I said before this is Perfect reading weather) I feel like I’m lacking inspiration. I want to write. I feel like writing. My fingers are literally itching to type away, but when I sit down, the magic just isn’t happening…  And now I am wondering, does anybody else have the same problem?

My tea is gone, but I’m still all kinds of toasty warm wrapped in my blanket, so I’m going to grab my latest read: The Geography of You and Me, and do some magical reading. Lets hope that inspiration will sucker punch me in the face soon again.

So do you have a similar problem? Do you find that it affect your Blogging or Reading habits?