large_balloons2It’s that time of year: my 21st birthday! *Throws confetti* I always love my birthday (something to do with lots of cake, pretty wrapped presents, and my family gathered in one place) I got a little sentimental this year and started thinking about how blogging now plays a part in it.

I’ve been blogging for 2,5 year now and it’s been quite the journey. And while I love every single part of blogging, if there’s one thing I love most it is the people I met through it. While they can’t always be here in person for this day, be it that they already had plans, or be it that they live on the other side of the pond and live so far away that it’s just not possible for them to travel all the way here, I know they’re celebrating with me nonetheless.

So a little guide on how to celebrate your birthday with friends that live overseas:


  • Bottle of wine (or any other choice of beverage)
  • M&M’s, popcorn, chocolate, or any other yummy movie food
  • THE movie you both chose to watch (stream from Netflix or just plain old rent it)
  • A laptop, smartphone, or tablet
  • A little bit of birthday magic

Step by Step Guide:

1) Collect the wine, movie food, and your means of communication to contact your friend

2) Start the movie you both decided to watch, and pause it at the very beginning

3) Press play on the same time and keep your phone close to you so you can discuss the awesomeness happening on the screen (ideally, you want the movie to be over around 11.45 pm)

4) Has the movie ended? Insert a bathroom break here when necessary

5) Poor yourself a new glass of wine

6) Time to Skype your friend (or wait for your friend to Skype you)

7) Talk about whatever, then, 10 seconds to go till 12, start the countdown


9) Unwrap presents, this way your friend can see your face when you open the presents they sent you!

Honestly, this is a guarantee to success. I did this with my friend Dani this year, and it was so much fun! We watched Taken (because I’m an action kind of girl and I LOVE Liam Neeson movies) and it was a blast. I didn’t think it would work, because nothing can beat a girls movie night, but this came so very close. We ended up Skyping for almost 2 hours. We’re so doing this again soon!

All the Pretty Presents

Wait, that’s not all! No, there’s more! I want to show you how much I got spoiled by my friends. I had the best time unwrapping them. Dani got front-row tickets to see my reaction to the gifts, and she’ll be able to confirm how excited I was. I was like a little kid in a candy store.

20150920_141338 20150920_141137


So, the Heir of Fire print and the kickass Alice in Wonderland themed hair bow are part of the package I got from Ali. It was a big package filled with awesomeness, but this print and that bow are probably my favorites and I just wanted to share (again). I have an empty frame in my apartment reserved for it, and it’s just going to look SO badass!

Then that awesome t-shirt and Jennifer Armentrout book on the right? That’s my sister’s present for me! She had this for 3 months prior to my birthday and had been teasing me about it non-stop. I FINALLY KNOW! I love it, the t-shirt says: “Hot, Blonde, Sexy & Single (also fucking difficult)”. It’s brilliant (I am so wearing it now).


Saga Volume 4 and Nimona! These two have been on my wishlist for what feels like FOREVER (even though it hasn’t even been THAT long since I started reading graphic novels). Jamie picked up on this and got them for my birthday. I hugged these beauties when I unwrapped them. Just so damn beautiful it makes my eyes hurt. And I might or might not have already finished Saga Volume 4 (whoops, haha).

And last, but definitely not least, Uprooted and Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales. These beauties are from Dani. I met Dani in August when she was on holiday in Amsterdam. We stopped in at least two book stores, and at the Waterstones Dani told me that the fairy-tales were her favourite, and I told her that I’d never read them before, but LOVED fairy-tales. Surprise surprise what I got for my birthday?! Also, one of her fave books of the year: Uprooted. Which I am so excited to read!

And this about concludes my birthday! My actual party will be next Saturday, but I already feel so spoiled. Books books books! My friends sure know me well! Oh and let’s not forget to mention the kickass drawing of one of my fave characters Elise made for me (it is so pretty).

Hugs all the pretty presents