How to spot

A few days ago I was goofing around with a friend of mine about all the weird quirks we have as readers. It went from the ridiculous amount of books I always bring with me, to the notebook I carry around that holds tons of quotes from books I’ve read. And while laughing about my own peculiarities, I decided to write this post. If you think of any other ways to spot a Book Nerd, be sure to leave it in the comments!

How to spot the Book Nerd from a distance?

  • Did you find someone walking around a bookstore or library with their heads tilted to the side? Congratulations, then you’ve spotted another one. While tilting your head that way may come across as off, to us book nerds it makes perfect sense. This because holding your head like that is the only way to be able to read all the titles on those pretty spines.
  • Tea drinkers. Most die-hard book nerds sip tea while reading, preferably with a blanket wrapped around them and in a mug with some kind of quote on it (to enhance the reading experience of course). The exception being that they all turn into coffee drinkers when pulling an all-nighter because we just have to read ‘one more page’.
  • Parents yelling at their kids for bringing that extra heavy bag. This may seem weird to you, but the explanation is very simple: the extra heavy bag is always filled with books, because imagine the horror if you’d run out of books during the holiday! (This is me… I’d always sneak an extra bag filled with books into the car, and then when my dad unloaded the car and checked why the bag was so heavy he’d flip when seeing the -in his opinion- unnecessary amount of books I brought with me).

How to spot a Book Nerd from close by? (That is if you’re not afraid to be infected with the ‘disease’)

  • If you get to take a peek in someone’s bag, and you find at least two books (or they carry around an e-reader jam-packed with all types of eBooks) it is probably safe to say that you spotted yourself a first class book nerd.
  • Back problems. When you love reading, you read in odd positions.
  • Are you brave? Then ask for a favourite read. If the answer is that there are so many good books, and the person gives a whole list of titles (or series, because let’s be honest, we all love to cheat a little bit on answering that question) as an answer to your question. Then yes, you’ve spotted yourself a Book Nerd.
  •  If you get the rare opportunity to observe a book nerd in its natural habitat (aka you find yourself at their home) you’ll find lots of books. Everywhere. Although everyone has their own way of shelving (based on colour, alphabetical order, genre, series, etc.) you’ll probably also find some shelves about to burst from the huge amount of books they’re forced to carry, and some stacks of books randomly (but neatly) placed throughout the room .

How to spot a Book Nerd in development?

  • There is one dead giveaway to spot a book nerd amongst children. Do you see a flashlight near the bed? A sure sign that the kid is a reader! That’s ultimately because reading under the covers with a flashlight is something we book nerds have all done when we were young, just so we could finish that book while ‘supposedly’ asleep… Besides, it totally adds to the reading experience!)

Any more ways to spot a Book Nerd that I’ve missed?