Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi | Book ReviewIgnite Me by Tahereh Mafi
Series: Shatter Me #3
Published by HarperCollins on February 4th 2014
Genres: Dystopian
Pages: 416
Format: Hardcover

The heart-stopping conclusion to the New York Times bestselling Shatter Me series, which Ransom Riggs, bestselling author of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, called "a thrilling, high-stakes saga of self-discovery and forbidden love"

Juliette now knows she may be the only one who can stop the Reestablishment. But to take them down, she'll need the help of the one person she never thought she could trust: Warner. And as they work together, Juliette will discover that everything she thought she knew-about Warner, her abilities, and even Adam-was wrong.

In Shatter Me, Tahereh Mafi created a captivating and original story that combined the best of dystopian and paranormal and was praised by Publishers Weekly as "a gripping read from an author who's not afraid to take risks." The sequel, Unravel Me, blew readers away with heart-racing twists and turns, and New York Times bestselling author Kami Garcia said it was "dangerous, sexy, romantic, and intense." Now this final book brings the series to a shocking and climactic end.

What I thought NEWI cannot believe that I am writing my review for Ignite Me. I really, really can’t believe that one of my most anticipated books has released! More importantly, one of my favourite series has come to an end and I’m just so sad to let it go.

Ignite Me was a pretty epic ending to one of my favourite series. I went in a bit afraid that the conclusion to this trilogy wasn’t going to be what I wanted it to be, but the ending was VERY surprising and VERY Shatter Me worthy! Tahereh Mafi made me feel ALL the feels I was supposed to feel. I laughed, I cried, and I blushed. Actually I blushed a lot! For those that loved Chapter 62 in Unravel Me, there’s quite some treats in store for you!

Juliette was awesome! I have no other words for it. She finally became the girl I knew she could be. I loved how she grew throughout the book. She became more confident and a lot stronger, physically and mentally. She stood up for herself, finally figured out who she wanted to be, and stopped letting other people decide for her. No more feeling sorry for herself! She fights to learn about her powers, to learn and OWN them. If I had to describe her in one word it would be: BADASS.

She does still struggle with her feelings for Adam AND Warner. Obviously, we find out who she chooses. I’m not going to spoil anything though, you all have to read it for yourselves and let all the feels overtake you. What I am going to tell you is that if  Chapter 62 had you blushing, wait till you’ve read Ignite Me! So STEAMY! *fans face*

Once again, the characters where great, that hasn’t changed a bit. Though I have to admit that I loved Kenji even MORE. That is, if that was even possible, I mean, that guy deserves a story of his own… He’s THAT awesome.

Now, while we’re past the gushing/fangirling/blushing/and all other things that come with reading Ignite Me. I have to say there are a few minorthings that I liked less. For instance, I think that the final fight was over a bit fast. While the action was pretty awesome, and absolutely page turning, I felt like the ending was just a bit rushedI felt that there was just so much time spent planning this final fight, so much preparation, and so much learning to control all the abilities, that the fight somehow paled in comparison to the HUGE amount of preparation.

Or MAYBE this is just the gigantic book-hangover talking, and maybe I’m just not wanting to face the fact that this was the last book in this series and the ending of the Shatter Me trilogy…

Minus the rushed ending -which in my opinion is pretty easily overlooked- this really was a pretty awesome conclusion to an EPIC trilogy. I was really pleased with how the story ended, how the romance ended, and how Tahereh Mafi’s writing continued to blow me away throughout the entire series! In the end, this was just such a great series and I am very sad that it has ended.


This really is the best I can do without spoilers… though feel free to shout whatever from the rooftops below in the comments!

Tell me guys! Favorite moments? Things you didn’t like?