So I am back from my London adventure! My sister and I went there to celebrate that both of us graduated this year, a celebratory trip so to say. Since my sister has a thing for British accents and I have a thing for the English language in general, London was the obvious choice for us. Then YALC got confirmed and we decided to book our trip around this event, so we could attend as well.

Hotel and flight booked, bags packed, tickets printed, and passports ready, we left for London on July 9th. We arrived around 4 pm and went on our way to the Underground at Heathrow. Little did we know you can’t pay with Maestro card at Underground stations… and came 7 cents short for the two Oyster cards we needed to get to our hotel. Whoops. Lucky for us, the guy took pity on us and, with a wink, handed us our Oyster cards. Seriously, the line was long and the station was super hot. We did not want to go find an ATM somewhere at the airport, and then go back to the station to get in line again. Possible crisis averted, we took a relieved breath and hopped on the train. All went well after that, and about two hours later we entered our hotel room, where I dropped onto my bed and didn’t move for about two hours.

DSC03767The next day included Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. Which roughly translates into sitting at the stairs at Trafalgar Square for about two hours trying to find out how the street artists (Yoda and gold/silver colour painted dudes) managed to float in the air, coming to a conclusion, and then another hour of laughing at other people trying to figure out the same thing that my sister and I had been pondering about before. That an a quick trip to the Waterstones (because I just can’t contain my bookish self). I realize that this sounds like a pretty pathetic thing to do when you’re in London, but it was highly entertaining! (and I must admit that there was some extra sightseeing involved as well).

Then for Friday. Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Squeare and some more Trafalgar Square. Piccadilly Circus involved lots of walking around, posing for pictures with statues, possibly imitating said statues, more Waterstones (don’t scowl at me! Because it doesn’t look pretty on you and since you’re reading my blog you must understand, so you can’t judge!) and some exploring at Fortnum & Mason. We actually managed to do something educative at Trafalgar Square (although the street artists remained quite entertaining) by visiting the National Gallery. Have I ever mentioned that I love to paint? Well I do, so I enjoyed this visit immensely. All the material taught in Art class came in incredibly handy. The only thing that could’ve made it any better would be for my father and mother to have been there as well, because I know how much they would’ve enjoyed this museum as well.

DSC03758At Leicester Square we visited the M&M shop in all of its chocolaty glory and we  went to the cinema to see The Fault in Our Stars! All the feels! I have tears in my eyes thinking back to the movie, because it is filmed brilliantly and the actors… Ansel Elgort! (do I have to explain how well casted that guy was? He played Gus absolutely beautifully!) When we got out of the theatre there was this guy standing there and he was totally laughing at our tear-stained faces. Which was so not a laughing matter! I was overwhelmed and sad and gosh… who laughs about that? Nah… I felt like a mess, so I probably looked the part as well having forgotten my tissues back at the hotel.

Then for the rest of the day we decided to go to the YALC preview evening, which was fun! This post will be way too long if I included YALC as well, but no worries, you can read all about the bookish adventure in this post. This event covered the whole weekend (read the recap to hear all about it), so I’ll just skip to Monday already.

DSC03827London Eye! This was a present from my parents (because London is super expensive… and both me and my sister were pretty broke at this point). Both my sister and I had this on our must-do-this-when-in-London list, even though my sister is afraid of heights and I get slightly squeamish being really really high up, and we loved it! The view was absolutely beautiful, and stunning, and we could see so incredibly far. Am I gushing? Yeah I’m gushing. Whoops. I’ll shut up.

Next up was the British Museum. Which was packed, and really close to the hotel (only about 500 metres), unfortunately we didn’t know that, so we took the Underground. Another whoops right there. Observation: My sister and I suck as tourists.

When we figured out our hotel was really close by our hotel, so we walked back to dump our bags and find a place to eat. We found a really cute Italian place, that served some yummy pasta. We ate, and went bag to the hotel. Another observation: Being a tourist is exhausting! It is especially exhausting, when you have people in the hotel room right next to you are LOUD and the walls separating the rooms are really thin. We decided that called for an emergency singing party (I believe we sung a few Fall Out Boy songs) and this resulted in our neighbours being quiet. Goal accomplished.

DSC03928Tuesday I am calling Rainbow Rowell day! She did an event at the Piccadilly Waterstones and I cannot contain my excitement (still) for attending. I will however, not tell you all about it in this post, because it’s way too long already (be on the lookout for that particular recap post, I promise it’ll be up very soon). We also went to the National History Museum, which was fun as well. We went early, so it wasn’t that busy yet and we were able to do the whole tour on our own time. No rushing, just enjoying the museum.

Wednesday… 11 am check out. Our flight home left at 3.45pm, but because we couldn’t really do anything in the city we decided to leave for the airport early. Our hours early were spent sipping Iced Tea at Costa and reading. In the end it turned out that we were very lucky for getting there early, because our flight got cancelled. Which scared me big time, and stressed me out, and I didn’t really know what to do. A mad dash to arrange another flight started. We got sent from one service point to another, were sent to another service point again were we were told that we’d be booked into a flight leaving another 2 hours later, and then somebody finally helped us. And booked us into a flight that was leaving before our original flight. Calls were made to our parents, who would have to pick us up earlier and another mad dash started to catch our flight. I honestly took a relieved breath when we were in the actual plane. This was by far the most troublesome flight experience for me, it was bad. I guess when stuff goes wrong, it goes wrong in the worst way possible… Anyway, the flight went smooth and after a well deserved Starbucks coffee after we landed we were greeted by our parents at Schiphol in Amsterdam.

Takes a deep breath. I guess that about sums up the London adventure!