I’m going to warn you in advance, this recap will be filled with kitten spam. I take way too many pictures as it is and hardly share them online, so I will use my monthly recap posts to unleash them upon all you unsuspecting readers. What I love most about these monthly recaps is that at first the month in question seems so boring and normal, but when you think about it there are tons of small things that stood out and you can tell about!

Mid-March I had midterms, which isn’t all that extraordinary, but during my midterms the rumor spread that Emma Watson was supposedly in Leiden filming the BBC show the Miniaturist. The Rapenburg was closed down and off-limits fo two days and the whole city was in an uproar about it. The Dutch film company that filmed there firmly denied Emma Watson ever having been there, so who knows. Maybe she was here, maybe she wasn’t. I had exams anyway, so no time to gawk where they were filming, haha.

The Song Rising is out in stores! Doesn’t Fury look adorable next to that beautiful stack of books? I love that Bloomsbury released a limited edition that fits the original books as well (instead of the new cover designs) because I get so annoyed when my books don’t match. I do think a reread is in order though… It’s been a while since I  read the first two books and the details have become a bit blurry. So The Song Rising has to wait a bit. Have any of you read it already?

Something that also happened this month: Beauty & the Beast! I was so pumped to see the movie and finally watching it was perfect. The cast was so damn good! The little extra backstory they gave the characters, the songs, just everything… I have so much love for this movie and I need to see it again, stat.

Fury and I took a little walk outside and it was adorable. He was so curious and a bit hesitant, after a while he started chasing flies. I live on the fifth floor, so he normally stays inside, but on the weekends I usually visit my parents and they have a huge garden. Perfect for little Fury to explore the outside world.

I haven’t read much besides thesis related books, but am already working hard on April (finished my first book already)! I am also working on a more regular post schedule for the blog. AND I started bullet journaling, maybe I’ll share a few pages with you in the next recap!

How did March treat you?