Monthly RecapAs I have always enjoyed reading other bloggers’ monthly recaps, I will be posting them regularly as well. I will wrap up the month by sharing bits and pieces of things that happened during that month, and progress I made reading-wise. I might incorporate some other things every now and then and try some new things.

Real Life

August was a turbulent month for sure. I had lots of things happening, all of which kept me busy. It was the first month that included University related stuff. As you might’ve read in my post about the ‘silence’ on my blog, I had my Introduction Week this past month. It was a week filled with lots of stuff, and while most of it was fun, it was also incredibly tiring. I experienced all these new things and met all these new people, and at the end of the day I was left so extremely exhausted that all I wanted to do was eat and sleep. Sometimes skipping the part involving food. I made friends, some which will be studying the same as me, some which study something different. Looking back, I am very glad I made the decision to attend, because it made the start of University so much easier. I already know some of the people in my study group, and really, finding classes is so much easier when you’re not alone (especially when you can’t find them)

What I found out as well, is that University is expensive… There’s so much stuff to take care off, books to pay for, and arrangements to make. It’s mind blowing. Honestly, most of August passed in a blur. And then I got sick.

I caught a double Sinus infection. I only found out that was what made me sick about a week ago, but I had been sick for almost a weeks up to that. So I have been ‘out’ for half of the month. I’m finally getting back on track though, the medicine is helping (even though they have some crappy side-effects). I just need for the infection to go away as soon as possible, so I can start university in the best shape possible.

Coming Up soonSo, as I mentioned all the prepping for university I did in August, it’s pretty obvious that September means I’ll be actually starting. The perks of writing this recap post a few days late, means that I can tell you a bit about my first few days as a student (doesn’t that sound all fancy?)! I picked up my books yesterday. I’ll post a picture later on, but honestly, I have never had this many study books ever… I have more than 18. And I had to carry them all. I managed to load one huge bag on my bike and the last bag (which was about to tear… because it was too heavy) dangled from my steer. I only had to walk for a little bit, 500 metres tops, but it took me almost 30 minutes. It was awkward, and I’m guessing it must’ve looked pretty hilarious. I guess that’s what you get for wanting to study English Language and Culture huh? So anyway, my cousin picked up my books for me. Thank god I didn’t have to travel by train with those 18 books, I honestly don’t think I could’ve managed to get them home.

Then today, I had my first lecture. It wasn’t the ‘real’ thing. The first official lectures and classes start next week. Today was more like a little introduction as to what we will be doing this year and a little teaser for what’s to come. Oh, and to tell us to check our online workspace for the assignments we have to complete before Monday (surprise!).

Then… what else is coming up? That’s easy, my birthday! I turn twenty on September 20th. September is one of my favourite months (who doesn’t like their birthday?! I see books, many books! haha) and it’s the first time I’ll celebrate it after moving out. While it’s not that different, since I will be celebrating it at home as always, it certainly feels different. Everything feels different, and I guess that’s what’s coming up for me. Change. Yeah, I think that word sums up perfectly what August was and what September will be.

August in Books

My month in books was bad. Like really bad. I didn’t read an awful lot, and I surely didn’t review a lot. Somewhere in between university stuff and being sick, I read a lot less. Probably because I slept most of the day. Anyway, here is my very short list of books that I read in August.

The One by Kiera Cass (review) 5/5 stars

This Song Will Safe Your Life by Leila Sales (review) 5/5 stars

The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings (review to come)

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon (review) 4,5/5 stars

The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth LaBan (currently reading)

Oh, and to prove that this wasn’t the plan, that I’d actually planned to read a whole lot more. I quote myself, from my post about the Introduction Week: “I brought 5 books for this week… which was so dumb, because I haven’t touched at least one of them this whole week (and I’m going through some serious withdrawals here)”. See! The plan was to actually go through at least 4 books that week. Obviously that plan was flawed… but still.