Bye October, bye pesky midterm exams, and bye no-time-for-reading-or-other-fun-stuff. Hi November, trip to Oxford and catching up on all reading. So that’s the short summary. October was fun, but tiring, and I had almost no time to read because of my midterms and besides required reading for my British lit and American lit classes, I didn’t really read much for myself in October. So now I’ve told you what didn’t happen in October (and what caused it), let’s take a look at what DID happen this month:

Picture PerfectPropedeusI got my ‘Propedeuse’ at the beginning of this month! It’s a certificate you get when you’ve finished your first year of university and passed all your classes at once. Now this is something typical of Dutch universities and it’s a symbolic piece of paper more than anything (because you can’t actually do -anything with it), but it’s a milestone nonetheless. It’s a fancy occasion to dress up and accept a pretty piece of paper in reward of one year of hard work.

What's Happened

  • 13 – 21 October: Midterm Exams. I kinda always feel that whenever I have exams everything else gets put ‘on hold.’ No reading, I might’ve skipped my workouts and runs these two weeks as well (something I normally don’t EVER do, I usually make a point to keep training as a way of loosing tension and stress in between study sessions), and no ‘fun’ stuff. I think I started breathing again once it was over. Now I’m just waiting on the grades, hoping I passed them all.
  • 30 October: I met Julie Kagawa! I’ll post something about this later on, so I won’t share too much here, but it was fun. Julie was a sweetheart and made sure to make time for all of her fans and while in line I always find it so much fun to talk to fellow book-nerds!
  • 31 October: TODAY! I am meeting Leigh Bardugo today! And hopefully Dutch bloggers that I’ve never met in real life before! I am BEYOND excited for today. I am a huge fan of Leigh Bardugo and I’ve been waiting for this day ever since I got the tickets for this event!

workoutsLike I mentioned above, this month was absolute SHIT exercise-wise. I pretty much skipped exercising for two whole weeks, but managed to stay on track eating healthy and good foods. I did a workout on Thursday again after those two weeks off, and I’m afraid I might’ve overdone it since I am hurting pretty damn bad right now. My abs and arms are killing me.

I’m going back to regular starting next week. Will join my association’s trainings again as well (I’m pretty sure they might think I’ve disappeared off the face of the earth… whoops) and do the good old 3 workouts a week again. I’ll probably be one big ball of painful muscles next week, but I’m just going to push through.

On the Agenda

  1. I’m going to visit my sister in Antwerp this Monday (it’s November 1st, so it counts haha).
  2. You might have caught my ‘Hello, trip to Oxford’ above? That’s right, I going to Oxford for a long weekend! I’m going to visit Dani from Dani Reviews Things and we’re going to have SO MUCH FUN. Girls night out, movie night, HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR, and more! I am really looking forward to this trip and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.
  3. Christmas shopping! (I am so getting an early start, and spend too much money *winces*)

What did YOUR October look like? Tell me all about it