cannot believe it is October already! September just FLEW BY. It was a good month though. September marked the end of summer, and I am so happy to get back to a regular schedule, 3 months of doing nothing was getting incredibly boring… Also, September 20th was my 21th birthday. I got to review Rae Carson’s awesome new book, and I participated in quite some running events (see below), and I joined a running association (see below)! As if that wasn’t enough, my first month of university is behind me already, and that means that in two weeks midterms will come knocking at my door. I’ve been feeling great, it’s amazing what working out regularly and maintaining a healthier lifestyle can do for you! Let’s hope October will be just as much fun!

Picture Perfect2015-10-01 22.38.59Like I said, September was CRAZY. I ran the Strong Sister Run, a 7k obstacle run. It was a very muddy experience (guess which of the two pictures is of me at the finish haha), but soooo much fun! I’m definitely going to run this one again. It was challenging, as I’m used to running on flat surfaces, but that’s definitely a big part of the attraction. I also participated in The Color Run, a very VERY colourful experience and also my mom’s first 5k event. I’m so incredibly proud of her, she’s worked so hard for this and she absolutely aced it!

What's Happened

  • I joined a running association. Yes I did! I’m not going to lie, it was nerve-wracking. I’d been wanting to join for the longest time, and this month (with a little pep-talk from a close friend) I realized I had been procrastinating long enough. I was afraid of actually taking the step and going over there to join a training… something about not knowing anyone. I realized that it was a okay to be scared, but NOT okay to let that fear direct my actions. Turns out I had absolutely nothing to worry about! The members are great, it’s a fun group and I had so much fun at the training, so I joined.
  • September 26th: I celebrated my birthday. On 20 September I turned ‘the big’ 21, and I celebrated it a week later. I’ve been spoiled beyond belief (I have the sweetest friends and family) and I still get a smile on my face when I think back to the day. I completely forgot to take pictures, which is kinda sad, but then again I have some wonderful memories about this day, so I don’t really care that much. We ended the day by roasting marshmallows above the fire we started outside. It was perfect.
  • University is keeping me busy, and so I’ve had little time to read. Well, reading for pleasure I mean. I’ve read quite a lot of books for my literature classes, but unfortunately I haven’t really been able to finish any of my books. I’m still halfway in The Fill-in Boyfriend and have still only read ONE CHAPTER of Queen of Shadows, which guts me. I’ve also only managed to read a few pages of Nimona, and so far it’s awesome and witty!
  • Just random, unplanned, spontaneous meet-ups with friends. Going out for lunch or just drinking a cup of coffee together, I missed that SO MUCH during the vacation. It might seem small, but it means the world to me.

workoutsOn the one hand I’ve been slacking, but on the other hand I’m not at all. Confession: I haven’t been doing my full three BBG workouts every week… More like two every week *guilty as charged* and I am hoping to change this back to the regular 3 workouts again in October. However, I’ve been running more than normal, and my training had improved considerably now I joined the running association. I used to just run a certain distance and try to improve, but now I do Interval training every Thursday (which is SO DAMN TIRING). The fun thing is that I can slowly feel myself improving! And training with a group is so much more fun AND motivating then going running all on your own.

So a little setback with the BBG workouts. I’ve promised myself that next week I’ll go back to normal again. But I’ve been doing way better with running, yay! AND I’ve managed to maintain the healthy food. Doesn’t mean I don’t treat myself every once in a while (I might have tried out the Tony Chocolonely’s new Popcorn Discodip: it was bliss), but I’ve been eating foods that support my active lifestyle. I love my oats or Greek yoghurt in the morning, and I’ve found some recipes that are so damn yummy (I might share them later on!). So overall I’m thinking September was a pretty damn great month!

On the Agenda

  1. October 3rd: Leidens Ontzet. This is a BIG celebration in the city I study in, they’ve been slowly building everything up for the past week and I’m really excited to explore the city with a friend. Last year was a blast: the biggest carnival I’ve ever seen and something happening literally ANYWHERE in the city.
  2. I briefly mentioned this one already: midterm exams. Yup, exams are creeping in already. Two more weeks and then the fun begins. May the odds be ever in your favour.

So, what are your plans for October?