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sould I am currently reading two books. One being Soul Taken by Kathlyn Duncan, the second book is next up since I am participating in the blog tour for this book! So far it hasn’t really exceeded my expectations yet, so I am hoping for it to get better.

The second book is Where the Stars still Shine by Trish Doller. I got a copy of this book from Rachel. I only started it today and I am loving it so far! From what I have read so far it is really well written and vividly described.




Oh man… I bought quite a lot of books lately. I have been trying to catch up on the books I have wanted to read since they came out a while ago. I haven’t been able to start reading them but I at least have them within reach, that way when I am able to read them I actually can. Picking which one to read… Well, that’s a different story!





Okay… This is not that bad right? I’m sure it isn’t, I got some others as well, but I forgot the titles. Mila 2.0 and Revolution 19 I’ve been dying to read since forever, so finally having my own copy is great! Starcrossed I found in a bookstore and I just had to take it with me. Fallen I’ve read before, but I wanted to own my own copy so I could reread it before the Lauren Kate event on November 8th. Don’t you just love coming prepared? haha.




Both of these titles I won a copy. A signed copy actually! They now hold a special place in the bookcase that holds my signed copies! They are added to my TBR list and hopefully I’ll find the time to read these pretties soon!





Soul-Possessedsouldstarsthe guardianscoverfrozen onceattemp


As you might see… I am hitting that spot where I have trouble balancing homework (or just life) with reviewing and blogging. These are lots of books! haha. Oh well, what am I going on about?! You all probably understand perfectly what I am trying to say here.

So What are you Reading?