My family just left and I am sitting on the couch still recovering from an overload of good food as Christmas music softly plays in the background. Armed with a hot cup of tea and wearing my Christmas-ish pyjama I can’t help but grab my laptop and write a post about my day. Today was great. Understatement: it was the bomb! I love the sight of my family opening their presents and realizing that I picked the perfect gift for them. The traditional turkey we prepare every year specially for this time of year (and turned out pretty damn perfect, if I do say so myself). Even better was the company: Both my grandparents joined us for dinner and I can’t help but feel so incredibly blessed that they are still around; my uncle; and of course my mom, dad, and sister.

To me, Christmas is all about family. It is about spending time with your loved ones and enjoying each others company. And for me, this year was even more special. 2014 has been a great year, but there have been times that we feared some of our loved ones wouldn’t have been here to celebrate Christmas with us this year. Which has been hard. I’ve always been a ‘the cup is half full’ kinda girl. There’s not much use to pondering over things that could have been, or things that might happen in the near future. Things are as they are, and it is important to live in the now and enjoy every single moment. And while I don’t let these things affect my every move, that doesn’t mean they don’t cross my mind, and when they do, it is hard and these thoughts scare me because they are very realistic.

2014 has been the year that I almost lost both my grandfathers. Both are sick. And I know they are old and have lived a full life, but still, these men are my rocks. And I can’t imagine life without them. The idea of losing them is so incredibly scary. So 2014, in a way, has been about living towards Christmas, hoping I would get to spend it with them for another year. While every moment I get to spend with them is special to me, Christmas is a whole other brand of special, a whole other brand of magic. And as I said before: Christmas is family, and when I think of family I think of my grandparents.

So yes, Christmas this year was everything. I got to play dress up and help my mother and grandma with their make-up. I got to prepare the Christmas dinner with my mom, dad, and sister (this year without my dad walking around the house with his arm stuffed completely inside the turkey- which sounds completely ridiculous, but was so incredibly hilarious). I tried to film putting the turkey in the oven, but failed to do so THREE times. My grandma brought apple pie; famous in our family, because yes it is THAT good.  My other grandma cooked soup, the one and only soup that we associate with her, because it’s that good and that soup is just grandma. We laughed and talked about ridiculously funny things of the past.

I got to take lots of pictures as memento’s to these beautiful memories I made today, because if I am realistic I don’t think everybody that was here tonight will be around for Christmas next year. Which makes me sad. But like I said: I am a ‘the cup is half full’ kinda girl. And because of this I choose to focus on the post Christmas bliss that I have going on right now. So I am going to make myself another cup of tea and browse through the pictures I took today, laugh about silly things, and enjoy that bliss until I fall asleep.

I love you all. Merry Christmas from me and my family! I hope you had a very special day, surrounded by all your loved ones, as well!