There are a few reasons as to why I haven’t been spending as much time online… You’ve all probably noticed that my blogging has been rather sporadic the past few months. There’s been periods that I post a lot, then periods that I post once a week, and then there’re the periods that I don’t post anything, AT ALL.

I’ve been blogging for a little longer than two years now, and for the first year and a half I managed to blog pretty regularly. But within those two years quite a lot has changed for me, in my personal life, but especially school related. And that’s okay, but obviously the way I blog changed too. More importantly the amount of blogging I do changed. It is okay to blog less, but it is not okay to not blog at all. At least, it isn’t for me. So in order to figure out what I can do to change this, I think it is imperative to look at what causes this first.

I’m not planning ahead

I used to write posts when I felt like it. Which worked when I was in high school because I had more spare time on my hands. However, I am in university now and I’m definitely busier with classes. There’s deadlines and studying that needs to be done. In university things can get busy real fast, and that means that sometimes I just become to busy to blog.

I also started working out more, and am taking extra courses, and just doing other stuff besides studying and blogging, and because of this there are periods I am incredibly busy. So busy that when I get home I just drop on the couch and don’t move for the remainder of the day. And nobody feels like blogging when they’re dog-tired. Which means that when there’s a busy period I don’t blog at all… resulting at a silence over here on the blog that can last a week, but sometimes also almost a WHOLE month. That just doesn’t fly, so I need to change that.

I don’t feel like my posts are interesting enough

When I do find the time, I end up writing reviews. Of course this is a book blog, and therefore reviews are a pretty much a given, but I want to write other relevant content as well. And I feel like I’m seriously lacking in that department. I realize that a lot of bloggers struggle with this, but I still can’t help feeling like this. I want there to be something that sets my blog apart from all the rest, but that definitely isn’t working when the only thing I post are reviews.


Another thing that happened, which probably has to do with the fact that I don’t blog as active as I used to, but my comments have dropped. I have seen other bloggers mention this as well. And I think it has to do both with me not blogging as actively, but also with the fact that most bloggers don’t really comment that much anymore. I do the same actually, I communicate a LOT through twitter, and haven’t been spending time commenting on other people’s posts. Part of me based the assumption that my posts aren’t interesting enough on the comments I was getting… yeah I know, that’s kinda dumb.

So what am I going to do about it

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I think it’s obvious I’m not really happy about where my blog is at right now, and it’s time to make some changes. It didn’t take me that long to figure out what it was that wasn’t working out for me. And once you know where things go wrong it becomes easier to figure out how to change it, right? So how am I going to work this out?

1. Start planning

This one is probably the most obvious solution. Easy peasy right? Nope, for me it’s a clear case of easier said then done. I’ve always been good at planning ahead, for everything except for blogging it seems. Planning ahead, scheduling to write posts, hasn’t worked for me in the past AT ALL. Seriously, it hates me. Whenever I consider it I feel like a little person getting stamped by a giant.


Or, the little clownfish facing the shark when I think about planning ahead… but I am going to force myself to plan though. I honestly think that’s the only thing that’ll help. So, I’m going to pick a few days a week, and just sit down and blog. Write reviews, or just write about whatever else comes up in me. But, I am going to schedule posts ahead, making sure that if I do have a busy period, there’s posts scheduled so there won’t be a silence.

2. Find something else to write about besides books

I’ve been feeling like I’ve been focussing too much on writing solely about reading and books… And because of this, I lost my chance in being original, and standing out from other blogs. I tried some other posts, but because they didn’t get any response I thought it wouldn’t work out. However, blogging should be fun. I should be writing about stuff I love, regardless of how many comments I will or won’t get.

I’ve been training a lot lately, I run, and I work out a lot. I’ve been having so much fun, noticing how I am getting stronger, and seeing how I’m able to run longer and faster. So maybe I’ll start writing some posts about that. I’ve been slowly including these type of pictures and posts on my Instagram account as well. I don’t want to limit myself anymore by just writing bookish posts, and I realized I was making a big deal out of something what was actually really simple. If I want to include other posts, why shouldn’t I? It’s my blog, and I can do with it whatever I want to. I don’t get why  was making a big deal about this.

 And that’s it

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 I’m going to try and get out of my funk and just do this. I want to get back to blogging, and especially back to loving my blog.