Blackbird by Anna Carey | Book Review

I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blackbird by Anna Carey | Book ReviewBlackbird by Anna Carey
Series: Blackbird Duology #1
Published by HarperTeen on September 16th 2014
Genres: Mystery
Pages: 256
Format: ARC
Source: the Publisher

This twisty, breathless cat-and-mouse thrill ride, told in the second person, follows a girl with amnesia in present-day Los Angeles who is being pursued by mysterious and terrifying assailants.

A girl wakes up on the train tracks, a subway car barreling down on her. With only minutes to react, she hunches down and the train speeds over her. She doesn’t remember her name, where she is, or how she got there. She has a tattoo on the inside of her right wrist of a blackbird inside a box, letters and numbers printed just below: FNV02198. There is only one thing she knows for sure: people are trying to kill her.

On the run for her life, she tries to untangle who she is and what happened to the girl she used to be. Nothing and no one are what they appear to be. But the truth is more disturbing than she ever imagined.

What I thought


While I was really enthusiastic to start reading Blackbird it ended up being a bit of a disappointment. The story seemed really promising, and it wasn’t that the book was ‘bad’. I don’t quite know how else to put it, other then: it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Let’s start with the writing style. It’s written in 2nd person. Which isn’t necessarily bad, but it surely makes the story much harder to read. I definitely struggled with it at first. I got used to it after a little while, but in the end it kept me from really getting into the story -which was a problem. Honestly, it was the constant use of “you” that was incredibly distracting. I’d even go as far to say that it kept me from connecting with the main character, the writing style felt impersonal. It didn’t help that the main character herself didn’t remember anything of her past, which made it hard to connect to her in any way.

Besides the fact that I felt disconnected from the main character, her friendship with Ben came across as a bit too quick and convenient. She’s in a scary place, doesn’t know who she can and cannot trust, but somehow she trusted him pretty easily. View Spoiler »

What really kept me reading was the action and mystery. They’re a constant throughout the story and I found myself wanting to know more. I wanted to know more about the main character, or how she ended up in the state she is in. Throughout the book you get these little clues, puzzle pieces you have go try and fit together, which made me want to keep on reading in the hopes of finding out more View Spoiler ».

While it may come across this way, the story wasn’t ALL bad. The concept of the story was still interesting and like, I said above, the action and mystery were present and constant throughout the story. All and all, this made for an okay read.

Final verdict IRISJEXX!This book, while being an okay read, left me pretty confused. I had high hopes for blackbird because the story seemed really promising, but in the end I just couldn’t connect to the story or its characters. For me, it was a bit of a let down.

(I truly imagine my face looking like this GIF when I finished the book)

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