The Healing Heart by Jennifer Howard | Book Review

The Healing Heart by Jennifer Howard | Book Review

The Healing Heart by Jennifer Howard | Book ReviewThe Healing Heart by Jennifer Howard
Published by Self Published on January 2013
Format: Ebook

After losing the love of her life, Jamie Hansen finally picks up the pieces and moves on, determined to never let go of her past. Or so she thinks. One glance from Conley Michaels, and suddenly her whole existence is turned inside out. Does Jamie have a second chance at love? Only if she allows Conley the space to fill her healing heart...


Oh you’re in for a treat! I loved the narrator in this book so my updates on Goodreads carry lots and lots of quotes. Here some of my favourites:

“I started to think about the phone number in my possession. The ball was definitely in my court—he placed it there. Trouble is, he doesn’t know how horrible I am at sports!”

“But what if he ran a drug cartel? Or sweat shops in Asia? Or what if he had a refrigerator full of heads in his basement?”

“What you and Paul had was electric, like lightning. But lightning can strike twice in the same place, you know. Trust me, no kidding! I read it on the Internet!” She chuckled, “ And we all know everything on the Internet is true!”

Yeah, this one had me give a tear-filled laugh. I just loved how beautifully this is phrased.

“Awww, James,” her voice grew equally soft, “don’t be scared! Take a deep breath, run like mad toward the edge of that skyscraper, and have faith that there’s a net waiting for you!” It was probably some of the best advice I had ever been given.”

“I leaned into his embrace. “Me either. So, go do your business and hurry right back to this exact spot. It can be like a movie. I will be here waiting. Then it won’t be about you leaving me; it will be about you finding me.”


The Healing Heart is a gentle and fun read that I found myself completely in love with. The story is told from Jamie’s perspective, a widowed mother that lost the love of her life and the father of her child a few years ago.

Jamie is truly a likable and endearing narrator. The way she faced the past two years of her life head-on and with strength is admirable and her goofy, insecure and down-to-earth personality are real and make it hard not to like her.

The romance unfolding between Jamie and Conley was realistic. What always disappoints me in romance novels is the romance itself that has me rolling my eyes most of the time, I didn’t have that once while reading this book. It was beautiful to just read how their relationship grew throughout the course of the novel.

I realize that this is a very short review, but sometimes the best way to say something is the shortest way possible. The Healing Heart is a beautiful, and humoristic read that I would recommend to anybody looking for a light read. I think Jennifer Howard is a very talented writer and I hope to read much more from her in the future.