It’s Friday night, 10 pm, and I am writing posts to make sure there’ll be posts for you to enjoy while I am spending my time in the snow (and staying in an apartment with no internet connection -sobs). When this post goes online, I’ll probably be in the car on my way to a snowy mountain in France. It is a one week trip, and it will be the first time we’ll spend New Years Eve in another country (and without the rest of the family).

I’m looking forward to snowboarding all day, spending time with the family, catching up on some reading when I get back tired to the bones from snowboarding all day, and of course Après Ski! I’ve never done Après Ski before, me and my sister have always been a little too young to enjoy it fully, but we’re old enough now and we are determined to get the full experience *winks*

Lets hope I’ll get through this week without any snowboarding fails. Fails like face plants or landing on my butt one too many times. Believe me when I say that I’ve had lots of them over the years. When I get back I’ll write a post and tell you all about it, and do remind me, I tend to forget these things.

I really would’ve liked to take my laptop with me and update you guys on the go, but no internet is no internet, and without it there is absolutely no use to bring my laptop with me. So I have prepared a few posts and scheduled them. Which I am incredibly proud of, because I am absolutely horrible at planning and scheduling (Round of applause for all of you for pushing me to be more organized)!

I hope you all had a jolly good Christmas and that you’ll have a great week leading up to new years eve! And because I can’t really end this post on a serious note: here is my sister and I acting like true geeks and making weird faces.

ski mutsen lol