Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard | Book club Week 3

Since I am a member of  Epic Reads (HarperTeen's website), I found out through their Twitter account that the author of Something Strange and Deadly, aka Susan Dennard, started a book club. Like the true book nerd I am I signed up. Every Monday there's a fresh discussion question waiting and there's some great prizes to win *squeal!* so you should really hop on over to her website to check it out!


Discussion Question #3

Eleanor finds herself more and more intrigued by (perhaps even attracted to) Daniel Sheridan, the inventor of the Spirit-Hunters. What is it about him that appeals to her? And vice versa, what do you think attracts Daniel to Eleanor?

Then there’s Clarence Wilcox, the seemingly perfect eligible bachelor. Why do you think Eleanor doesn’t like Clarence?


What I thought

Why does Eleanor find herself more and more intrigued/ attracted to Daniel Sheridan and why doesn’t she like Clarence… Damn, I do have to say that you threw me off with this question Susan Dennard. Boy, why do girls find boys intriguing? That’s one tough question that even most girl don’t have an answer to! haha

The first thought that immediately popped into my head was the way that she is being treated by both these boys. Honestly, Clarence treats her like everyone else does. Since there is a proper way of behaving and a set of ‘rules’ to follow for girls to hang out with boys and the other way around. That probably would get old… Aside from that, there’s just something a bit off with Clarence and of course the whole I bullied your brother thing that I wouldn’t overlook! (Totally my opinion).

Daniel Sheridan, he’s honest, a bit rude here and then. Has a totally awesome nickname for her “Empress” (Ladies ask yourselves, who wouldn’t like that?). All and all, I think Daniel is real to Eleanor in a world where most people aren’t allowed to be real. He allows her to be herself, she can be herself, no stupid rules to follow when she’s with him and frankly I think that is what every girl would want in a boy.

Sure Daniel is mysterious, and there’s so many layers of him to unravel for Eleanor, but for a girl to be able to herself with a guy … that’s just precious, and who wouldn’t be intrigued or even attracted to that?