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Today, I welcome *drum roll*  Alisha from The Brainy Bookshelf! Alisha contacted me through the contact form and I’ve really enjoyed talking to her! Now, lets get to know her a bit, shall we? :]


Oh gosh, I’m so horrible about talking about what I’m personally reading…which is interesting, because I’m a book blogger!

Hi! My name is Alisha and I’m the obsessed dedicated reviewer for The Brainy Bookshelf. I’m also the author of The Two Worlds, a YA paranormal fantasy :]

I was really excited to answer Iris’ call for submissions to Stories behind the Shelves.  What a great idea! I was all excited until I realized that a) my books have not been unpacked since my last move to my current apartment and b) most of my books are now currently in digital format.


Fear not! I had my minion loving husband pull out some of my books from storage so that I could show you lovely readers and then decided that my digital books are a part of my library, too.  So I’m including them as well!



As you can probably tell, I’m addicted to Paranormal Romance books. Witches, vampires, were-creatures? Um, yes please!

I even went through a phase where I was addicted to Mary Janice Davidson. If you haven’t checked her out yet please do! She’s fantastic and I’ve faithfully bought all of her books over the last few years.

I also love Harry Potter (I mean, who doesn’t??). I own most of the books digitally, though, for safekeeping.  Below are a few pages from my Kindle (this doesn’t include my iBooks, pdfs, etc. :] ).




Some fun facts:

1)     Between my hard copies and my e-books, I have almost 300 books!

2)     My old bookshelf was the often used as a launch pad for my two rambunctious kitties. It was 6 feet tall, and they would climb to the top and then plunge down for excitement. Used to scare the socks off of me! (They, in typical cat fashion, were fine and totally amused at my resulting panic attacks.)

3)     I regularly donate books. We move so much that it’s not practical to have too many physical copies (insert sad sigh here). So I’ve switched to e-books and have donated about 80% of my hard copies to Goodwill.

4)     In order to get my fix, I frequent the public library for that ‘old book smell’. :D Don’t judge me!!

Thanks so much to Iris for allowing me to swing by her awesome blog! Happy reading!