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This week I happily welcome Cait from Notebook Sisters to my humble blog! What are we waiting for? Lets take a peek into the prettiness that are her bookcases!


Hey minions of Iris!

My name is Cait and I’m from Notebook Sisters (a YA blog basically obsessed with books, writing, and peanut butter). After I tweeted about my new bookshelf, Iris invited me to show it to you. Oh, gosh, thanks Iris for having me! And I hope you minions readers enjoy my shelf!

bookshelf 1

Yes, it’s very empty at the moment, but it won’t be by the end of the year! My house is stuffed with books, but a lot of them are schoolbooks (I was homeschooled, though I’m graduated now) and none of them belong solely to moi. This shelf is all mine. Mwhahahah! (I’m not usually this obsessive… just about books.)

I’m a YA reader and blogger. With a few exceptions, my shelves are all about YA. But I read anything YA. Romance, fantasy, sci-fi, contemporaries, paranormals, thrillers…you name it, I’ll try it. It just has to be well written with awesome characters.

bookshelf 2I like to be organized, so each of my shelves is a collection. (When I have tons of books, I’d love to arrange them according to colour.) Right now I’m putting them in collections.

My ARC shelf is one I’m really happy with! I just started getting ARCs and it’s still freakishly exciting every time I’m approved.

The library is my life (and home away from home. They know me there. I’m like, a very polite and honourable stalker). My stack is usually huge. But it changes every few weeks, so I don’t arrange them nicely. I just stick them in and gobble.

bookshelf 3

Of course I have a shelf dedicated to Best Books Ever! I don’t own all my favourites, but these…oh, gosh, they’re amazing. I love the covers. I love the authors. I love this little cube of smashing fabulousness. So far I have Divergent and Allegiant, Paper Towns, and These Broken Stars. This shelf will, eventually, be stuffed.

The other shelf is full of series! So far I’m slowly collecting the Ranger’s Apprentice, Gallagher Girls and Inkheart series. I have 5 out of 13 RA books. Yes, I need to improve that.

I’m really in love with my bookshelf! I paid for most of it, but my parents helped me out so I could have it as a Christmas present. (It’s from IKEA, yes, I totally love that place. You get free hot chocolate.) I love how this shelf is quirky and cool. I love the cube-shape. What I don’t love is the fact it’s screwed to the wall. What if I want to rearrange my room? The bookshelf stays.

But if we ever move, it’s coming with me. We are best buds, my bookshelf and I. BFFs.

Fun facts:

–    Yes, I do stare at my bookshelf and smile goofily.

–    My bookshelf is officially 2 weeks old.

–    When I first stacked it, I subconsciously filled 2 shelves on each level. It was so very ordered that I changed it.

–    My 1-year-old niece thinks it’s the perfect height for her to pull out all the books.

–    I’m only a little bit taller then my shelf.