For the longest time I have been pondering on whether to start this feature or not. A little while ago I posted a question on Twitter asking if there where people willing to participate. Michelle was the first person to respond and here we are. I am kind of figuring this out on the go, for I have never really done this before.

I thought it would be nice to pay some attention to the people behind the blog, the people that write and read books. So I would like to take you on the journey to getting to know the people behind the blogs, who they are, what they enjoy doing (besides our mutual love for reading), how did they come to love reading, and most importantly we get to do a little sneaking and snooping in somebody else’s bookshelves and bookcases!

I’ll stop stalling, and introduce to you, the first blogger to participate in this feature: Michelle. Who most of us know through her blog: Much Loved Books.


I want to say thank you to Iris for allowing me to participate in her feature, Stories Behind the Shelves, who can resist showing off their book shelves?

Before we get to the best part, I will shortly introduce myself. My name is Michelle and I am a bookaholic, I currently review at Much Loved Books, my blog which has been running for about 2 ½ years.

My life has always involved books in some way, in school I finished reading all the assigned reading books, and as I got older I began to raid my Nan’s book shelves, and I am now at the stage where I have a HUGE selection of books on my shelves, and a wish-list that has possibly more books in it than are on my bookcases.

As a book reader I tend to read a large variety of genres, although I tend to avoid historical books. I am also a judger of covers, it the cover doesn’t catch my eye then there is a good chance I won’t stop to pick up the book, I also tend to go towards more boy themed covers, but I can we swayed with a nice girly cover to. As well as loving books I also love animals, and snow. I wish for snow every time it is mentioned on the weather.

photo 1Now, the part we’ve all been waiting for….my book cases. Earlier this year I had three bookcases to my name, when a friend from work moved house and wanted to get rid of her floor to ceiling book cases I was the first person she asked, so of course I said yes and we did a trade. She took my two small cases and I got her HUGE white bookcases. As you can see from the pictures they are very well stocked, and each one has their own purpose.

In the picture on the left you can you can see a large amount of books. The shelf  on the far right holds children’s books, some of my boyfriend’s books, and as well some of my own books that I plan to re-read at some point in the future. Having new bookcases meant I had to share them, so the big white bookcase holds all of my boyfriends books, while the small white bookcase holds two shelves of signed books, cookery books as well as my DVD’s and CD’s.

The picture on the right shows my main bookcase. The small one holds my books that are up for photo 2review and as you can see I have a label system going on for them. I try to read these in date order but I find, with the unsolicited books, I read them when I feel like reading that type of book. I am doing good on my requested book, with only about five on this whole bookcase being books I have requested.

The big white bookcase holds my Morganville Vampires, Soul Screamers, and Women of the Otherworld Series (currently in the process of being completed again with paperbacks).

The bottom four shelves on this case are my TBR books…..I try to read them when I get caught up on my reviews or if I am travelling somewhere, but I seem to be adding more books to it, rather than reading them and taking them off that shelf.

The last bookcase on the end is full of my old childhood books, a lot of Enid Blyton, and random books from my Nan’s at the top, as we go down the case there are a lot of book from the past few years I have read a s a blogger that have pride of place. My favourite part of this bookcase is my David Eddings books. His was the first series I read, thanks to my Nan, and I am in the process of replacing this whole entire series (10 books)…well ten out of twelve books, with the new covers. I think this is possibly the fifth time I have replace the series as a whole, and about the tenth time I have replaced the books in general, (I have some OCD issues with books having to match and asking for them for a Christmas present meant I didn’t get matching books, I ended up with black, blue and black with hints of ….colour).

Now I have shown you around my bookcases, I am looking forward to seeing what your bookcases are like.


blogger, proud lefty, book hoarder, audiobook listener.

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