Daily Dose As a reader, or a Book Blogger really, I often find myself talking about books. I think we all love a good conversation or discussion about our favourite reads, but what about the non-readers? This is a question that has been plaguing me a lot, because do I bore people when I tell them about my latest read? Or I think the real thing I am wondering is, do I talk TOO much about books?

Reading has always been something I loved to do. At high school, during breaks, you could almost always find me in the library reading a book. Its always been a constant in my life and it has always been the key to relaxing for me. That hasn’t changed, but after I started blogging, reading has become even a bigger part in my life. I read even more, I blog regularly ABOUT reading and I am the first to admit that I often find myself talking about the book I’m reading at that time.

My friends obviously know about my crazy reading habits, its hard to miss, and they are the first to roll their eyes whenever I open my bag and they see a book on top. Cause I always carry one around. I try not to read too much at school, at least not when there’s friends around (the bus ride home is a whole different story) and every now and then they are the ones to open a conversation on reading. Which I highly suspect is purely for my benefit, because I know most of them aren’t really readers. And when they open the conversation, in my excitement I sometimes end up talking their ears off… most times though, I am pretty good at picking up when their attention starts wavering. Its when I try to shut up and start another conversation.

I get teased too, about the geek/nerd I am. I guess there might be some truth in that, and I don’t mind my friends teasing me, because I know it comes from a good heart. The thing is that I’ve been called the same names, because of the amount of reading I do, from less than teasing purposes, people calling me names to hurt me. Which doesn’t bother me the least anymore… Honestly, I mostly think its envy, because after all, I found that one thing that I enjoy doing and really LOVE to do. But I wonder, if non-readers are annoyed when I fangirl and talk about bookish things.

I guess I worry most about Nerding Out too much… Or about annoying my friends who don’t like to read. Or even people who aren’t my friends, because I can see the moment they realize they opened a conversation with me that will have me fangirling over a book, fictional character, or author. Most of the time my fangirling actually leads to some very amusing situations. I amuse people with my child-like excitement over finding a new read.

So all and all, I think I don’t talk TOO much about reading. Or at least I became good at picking up signals in conversations.

How do your friends deal with your Excitement over Books? Do you think you talk too much about blog/book related topics?