secretsantaWhen I started book blogging, a few fellow bloggers told me about The Broke and The Bookish Annual Secret Santa. I fell in love with this idea right away. So me being the total blonde I am, I forgot to sign up. Yes I really did forget to sign up, while I’d been looking forward to it the entire year. I was one day late… So I sent out an email asking if there was a chance to still participate. Fortunately for me, there had been some others that where in the same boat as me! I still got to participate and here I am! Totally spoiled and all I might add.


Two books! A cd with the best songs of Billy Joel! Coffee! A beautiful bookmark! and a shiny and pretty Christmas card! I am in love <3 Honestly, I truly about cried opening these gifts, my hands shook while unwrapping and I still can’t stop smiling when I think back to opening these.

This post was of course about showing of my awesome presents, but most of all I want to thank Faye from Blog a Book! Because she’s the one that got me these amazing presents, I just adore her for picking them. The cd and the coffee is just totally me! The bookmark with the lovely quote I adore, and of course the books where on my wish list and I cant wait to start reading them.

Faye! Thank you so much for the time and thoughtfulness in getting me these presents. I just read the post you wrote about the journey to get the ‘secret parcel’ to me. I love it! and I hope we can keep in touch even after all the crazy Christmas madness is over.