A Night With Lauren Kate


The last few weeks I’ve been talking about my upcoming bookish event a lot! Reason for that was that it was in fact my first bookish event ever! I’ve been reading a lot about my blogger friends going to events, signings and all and I wished to go too for a long time. So when I read about Lauren Kate going on a tour and actually making a stop in the Netherlands I was pumped. I managed to get tickets for my mom, sister a friend and me and yesterday was The day!

After a long drive we arrived in Amsterdam where the event was held, we grabbed dinner and I scored an outfit for the upcoming EMA’s that I managed to get myself tickets for.


Finally it was time to get to the Badcuyp where the Book Event took place and I was starting to get a bit nervous. While waiting we met some really nice people, and as always I just love talking to fellow booknerds! The event started off a bit funny, my mom had surgery on her foot about a week ago and was in a wheelchair. So going up that flight of stairs was a bit of a problem. Lucky for us there was a really nice man that helped us out, and we where allowed to go up first.

Settled and all, everybody clapped when Lauren Kate entered the room. She started off by reading a bit from her newest book: Teardrop. (I’d actually already read that part, when the event started I was already halfway the book).


Then we got to ask her questions while she was being interviewed and honestly she was like one of the sweetest and most honest people ever! One thing that really stuck with me was when she told us about how she uses experiences and things that happen to her in her books. (Cam was inspired by her husband!) and this scene that I loved in Teardrop (the beginning of the book) where Ander catches Eureka’s tear an and places it on his eye, it was a bit weird at the time, because they don’t know each other at all. But then Lauren told us that that was something her husband had done.

The interview questions asked and answered, we could get our books signed. I brought my copy of Teardrop with me and went on a quick photo with Lauren, which turned out a bit blurry because my sister accidently had her finger on the flasher (no biggie, because at least I have a picture, and I look remotely normal).

We where allowed to go first again, because of my mom being in a wheelchair, which I didn’t mind that much because the line was absolutely huge! Besides the line being huge, I had a 1,5 hour drive ahead of me at 11 pm to get us home (lots of coffee!). Which was so worth it, because I’d had a great night and really, who doesn’t enjoy their first Book Event! *Squeal*

What was the first Bookish Event you ever attended to?