Top Ten Tuesday2

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


Top Ten Book Turn Offs

1. Girls Pulling a Bella :I mean do I even have to explain what is wrong with that picture? I just can’t stand girls that can’t make their minds up. Its not even realistic! First off their whole life seems to revolve around love, and then you can’t even decide who you love?!

2. Love Triangles :I’m sorry but there’s just been to many of those lately. Obviously there’s some great books that has love triangles in it, if you scroll through my reviews you’ll find a few where I mention it actually strengthening the story. However, most of the times they annoy me. (This one kinda goes with point #1).

3. The controlling boyfriend :Who would ever want a boyfriend that dictates what you should do? I mean, I don’t mind so much reading about it if it makes the storyline stronger, but it’s just wrong. I don’t think boyfriends have the right to tell  girl how to act or what to do.

4. Sexism :Those just make me mad, and I don’t enjoy throwing my books around because I like to cherish them… So please, please don’t make me read it!

5. Cussing :Every now and then I have no problem with, but don’t overdo it.

6. Books that were supposed to end, but instead end with a major cliff-hanger because it is being made into a series :Long sentence I know, but it perfectly states what I mean.

7. Useless/Weak Heroines :You know… those girls that just have to be saved, over and over and over again… Or the ones that don’t do anything else than to cause trouble for themselves (Every time that happens I roll my eyes and wonder if they every use the brain they obviously should have).

8. Boring Covers :Sorry, I honestly try to see past them but in the end it is a cover that has me deciding whether to pick a book up in the first place. Of course I do read what its about sometimes, and in some cases the book turns out to be great even though the cover is very hard to look at.

9. Character names that I can’t pronounce : Please have mercy on me! If I love a book I want to talk non stop about it and that’s just not possible if I can’t pronounce the name of the main character!

10. Books that bear a surprisingly strong resemblance to another book :No need to explain this right? I think you all understand my problem with this one…