So sorry for the late posting of this weeks Top Ten Tuesday… I only just saw that it didn’t post yesterday (proof that the whole built in planning system in WordPress doesn’t always work…). Then again, better late than never!

Top Ten Tuesday2Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the Broke and Bookish.

This weeks subject about books I was forced to read! I am seriously wondering if somebody ever ‘forced’ me to read anything… Well, I’ll just see it as somebody pushing me to read a book! (Now I think about it that happened quite some times…)

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 Divergent :I can explain this one! I had just finished reading the Hunger Games, then all of a sudden Divergent was here, and all my friends kept telling me that this was even better. I loved the Hunger Games back then and had a major book hangover, so the thought of another book besting the Hunger Games? I was a little sceptic at first. But even I have to admit that they were totally right! (Every now and then I really hate my own stubbornness).

The Handmaid’s Tale :Yeah… I had to read this book for my IB (advanced English) class as part of my Exam. It is a really good book! but the way they treat women in that society! It just made me so freaking mad!

Perfect Chemistry :My sister read this series way before me! and she kept on pushing me to read it. I already had tons of other books on my TBR pile so I couldn’t find the time. I ended up finishing all three in just one weekend!

Macbeth :Another one for my IB exam… Honestly I think that is what ruined it for me because I love Shakespeare’s work. It just became more analysis then enjoying the story itself, even now when I think back to that period I get stressed all over again.

1984 :Another one for the IB exams! However, I’d already read this one before so it came as a pleasant surprise that I had to reread it again!


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The Alchemist :My fist summer in America a friend of mine figured out that I had in fact not read the Alchemist. So she borrowed me her copy and told me that I had to read it (Hey! Does this count as being forced? haha). I did and it was a beautiful book. Seriously one of the best books I’ve ever read!

Starters :This one is actually still on my growing TBR pile. My friends keep telling me that I should read it, but there are just so many books that I have to review before I can start on one of the books I bought for myself, and when I can finally read one for myself then the hardship of picking one of those books roars its ugly head. *sigh* I just came to the conclusion that my TBR pile might be too big, even though I always say that there is no such thing as having too many books.

Pride and Prejudice :I forced myself to start reading this. Not in a bad way! Not at all, but I read this book the first time when my understanding of the English language wasn’t yet as well as it is now. I think it took me about a month (or two) to finish it, but boy did I love it! I reread it a year later (my English significantly better) and started reading the rest of Jane Austen’s books. Yes I am a big fan of her work!

Twilight :Friends. Yup, it was friends that told me about this series and they were the reason I started reading it. I know that in the past I have said some things about protagonists pulling a Bella? That must have sounded really negative (which it is), but that is now! Because back in the day I loved Twilight and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Twilight was a huge part of my teens and I loved those books.

Lord of the Flies :Another book for my IB class. I liked this book and I still think it is a good book, but I like it way less than other classics (and I just adore classics).