Top Ten Tuesday2Top Ten Books I’d Recommend to a Non-Reader

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the Broke and Bookish.

There are many people I’d want to convince to read books. Luckily, I don’t have any problems like that within my family, because we’re all big bookworms over here! I would have picked my mom, if it was not for the fact that with a little guiding she’s absolutely hooked to Young Adult right now (and is even reviewing!). So that’s why I picked non-readers in general. I am addressing every non-reader when I say: People! You are missing out Big Time!

Lets start with some Classics shall we?


I think those all pretty much speak for themselves. They’re all very good books and not called Classics for nothing. Pride and Prejudice is my favourite read of all time, and when people ask me who Jane Austen is I seriously get the urge to slap them (Yes, I actually had someone ask me this twice, and because of this we probably didn’t become friends….).

Then, for the Books that became well-know for Non-Readers when they where made into Movies


Because yes! The books are actually worth spending time on! Even though I agree that the movies are great, believe me when I say that the books can be even better -yes it is possible!

And not to forget: My Personal Favourites!


These three books are only three of the books on the huge list I could give you. They’re favourites of mine and a definite must read to all of those out there that claim that reading is boring. These books are so much more than just words on paper and will be able to move you to tears!