Hi Guys,

Last weekend was two FULL days of awesomeness! My midterm exams ended on Wednesday that week, and since book events are MY perfect way of distressing I was pumped for both of them. After learning non-stop for two weeks straight I BADLY needed to do something fun, and what better way than to geek out over some of your favourite authors at not only one, but two book events?!

Friday – Julie Kagawa

On Friday 30 October Julie Kagawa visited Donner in Rotterdam. So I travelled to Rotterdam, where I met up with my mom, to attend her signing.

Ik & Julie Kagawa - Black

Julie was incredibly nice and took the time to talk with all of her fans. She was only supposed to be there for a little while, but stayed WAY longer to make sure all of her fans could talk to her for a bit and get their books signed (even though she had a pretty tight schedule and arrived late in Antwerp where she had an event next). I got my beautiful copies of Talon and Rogue signed (and let me just tell you that these books have the prettiest naked-spines I have EVER seen).

Saturday – Leigh Bardugo

The next day (31 October) was Leigh Bardugo’s release party for Six of Crows. Now, Leigh Bardugo is one of my FAVOURITE writers of all time. Her Grisha trilogy is an absolute favourite, so I was VERY excited when I heard she was coming to the Netherlands. Leigh is incredibly sassy, which made her interview hilarious and an absolute pleasure to listen to.

Ik & Leigh Bardugo - BlackWhen it was my turn to get my books signed I admitted to Leigh that I hadn’t read Six of Crows yet (shame on me). I explained that I hadn’t been able to because my copy arrived right in the middle of my midterm exams and she asked me if they went well, and even asked what I studied and what I wanted to do with it in the future. I was absolutely giddy when I got back to my seat. I am in no way ashamed that there might have been some fangirling involved.

What’s more is that I managed to meet up with Judith and Ellis from Paperiot, and I met Debby from Snuggly Oranges, Mel from the Daily Prophecy, and Daisy from Between the Pages. I found it quite nerve wrecking to meet up with people you normally talk to online, I mean, things can go awkward real fast in real life, but it was a lot of worries over nothing. They’re all just as awesome in real life as online!

Last weekend was incredibly successful and fun. Two book events in one weekend did wonders for my over-studied brain. It was the best possible way to distress after my midterms and I can only hope they’ll schedule more events after my next exams (fat chance, but a girl can dream right?).

What’s the last Book Event you went to?