The Kelpies

I visited The Kelpies with my family

The Kelpies

The last two weeks my family was visiting, and  we visited a bunch of places together. I’d been wanting to visit the Kelpies for a while now, and them being here provided the ultimate opportunity to pay a visit to these equine sculptures.

I’d seen pictures of the statues, but nothing really prepares you seeing it with your own eyes. Each of The Kelpies stands up to 30 metres tall, and each one weighs over 300 tonnes! (Read: they’re MASSIVE). They’re also incredibly detailed, beautiful, and completely dwarf you.

I have always had a thing for mythology, and I love how Scottish legends depict kelpies as shape-shifting water spirits who inhabit the lochs and waterways of Scotland. Supposedy, they appear most often as a horse, and can also take on human form. These massive sculptures reflect the mythological transforming beasts possessing the strength and endurance of 10 horses. 

We visited The Kelpies on quite a rainy day, but it didn’t impact our visit at all. I had no problem walking around in the rain, admiring the great detail in these sculptures (especially since there’s a cafe close to the sculptures where you can get a cup of coffee to warm up a bit). You can go inside the sculptures as well, although I didn’t do this, as I was content just walking around snapping plenty of pictures.

I’d love to go back and visit the sculptures on a sunny (or just less rainy day), or during the night when they’re a lit up! For those of you wanting to travel Scotland: if you’re in the area, it is defintely worth putting a visit to The Kelpies on your to do list!

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