affinitiesSo, as most of you probably know I am a part of the Air Awakens street team! As the release of Fire Falling, the much anticipated sequel to Air Awakens, is slowly coming closer, Elise is hosting a read-along from October 25 to November 15. It will feature deleted scenes, giveaways, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask her ALL about the world of Air Awakens. What’s not to like? (If you’d like to participate, or find out more, click here).

We, member of the street team, thought it would be fun to spread the word a bit by revealing our affinities to you! A while ago Elise created a fun little quiz where you can find out YOUR affinity. It was fun finding out mine, I kinda had a gut feeling and I was so right. So, without much further delay, this is my affinity:

waterrunnerYou are able to control water. This is more than just channelling the tides or lifting liquid from a glass. You are able to harden the water droplets in the air forming ice weapons to use in combat. Naturally, the chill doesn’t bother you. You’re a strong swimmer, but even if you weren’t you would have no fear of drowning, the water can’t hurt you.

You aren’t easily deceived, as some of the most gifted Waterrunners can manipulate water in the air to refract illusions. You also are at peace with the past, hearing its whispers in ripples and waves.

You are just like: Fritznangle Charem



As I said, I had a gut feeling this would be my affinity. When I first read through the descriptions there were two affinities that appealed to me: Waterrunner (being at peace with the past) and Firebearer (emotions running hot and thinking deeply about the future).

I’m a really emotional person and very ambitious (I spend a lot of time thinking about the future and how I want to achieve my goals), so at first Firebearer seemed like the most logical choice. Plus, while reading Air Awakens I really felt a connection with Larel Neiress. Oh who am I kidding, she’s probably my favourite character in the book.

But then again, I’m a water person. Always have been. I’ve always loved swimming and really feel at home in the water. I used to swim a lot as a kid, then switched from spending all my time IN the water ON the water instead (speed skating, which I did for a really long time). Then I switched again and did competition swimming for a while. I don’t swim competitively anymore, but I still very much love to spend lots of time in the water. Plus, even though it’s taken me a while to get to this point, I’m 100% at peace with the past.

So when I weighed the two against each other, I think Waterrunner suits me best! (though I wouldn’t mind a cross between the two, that would be AWESOME).

What I would do if I had this magical ability for a day? Dude… I’m such a lame person, I’d probably go surfing. Not windsurfing (I totally used to do that during my summers in France and I love it) but actual surfing. I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf! And if I could control water I wouldn’t have to be afraid of sharks at all (sharks scare me… I’ve seen movies of people losing limbs and stuff *shivers*). Plus, I’m guessing it would make surfing a lot easier, not having to wait for waves and all. I’m imagining something like this: What? No waves? Well, that’s not THAT big of a problem… I’ll just create them myself.

I realize this answer is a bit lame… I could do something significant, I mean CONTROLLING WATER AND ALL, but the only thing I can actually think of is surfing! Lol.

That being said… I totally feel like going swimming right now. Which is tricky, considering that it’s 10.22 pm right now (at the time I’m writing this, not now when you’re reading it… obviously).

So, what is YOUR affinity? (do take the quiz and tell me)