.As some of you, who follow me on Instagram, might know, I have been rereading the entire Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, I feel the need to point out that these books are HUGE. Eragon, the first installment, is a whopping 502 pages, and from there on the number steadily keeps climbing. Eldest counting 704 pages, Brisingr 748 pages, and last but not least Inheritance with 849 pages. That’s a total of 2803 pages!

Now, when I started my reread I was going quite slow. I read about 150 pages a week, mainly because I now work full-time and when I just started working (around the time my reread started) I was too tired to cook when I got home, let alone read. So I read on the train to and back from work. That is until I was reminded, about halfway into the first book, why I loved this series so much.

So, what to expect when a book nerd starts rereading a favorite series?

  1. Uncontrollable glancing at the bag that is carrying said book. This is a starting symptom. If you’re in the middle of a conversation and you keep glancing at your bag, you know you’re done for. It’s the start of the uncontrollable compulsion to finish the entire series as soon as you can.
  2. Frustrations, knowing what is going to happen whereas the main character is still blissfully unaware. This might be followed by some grumbling and shouting until shit goes down and you feel like saying ‘I told you so’ to the main character (even though YOU didn’t see it coming the first time you read the book either).
  3. Sleepless nights, because that craze of wanting to finish the series is going to set in, and once it does you can kiss a solid night of sleep goodbye until the series is finished. It’s not like this happens on purpose… it just happens. When you start reading it’s 5 pm and the sun hasn’t even set yet, then suddenly you look up and it’s dark outside and the clock tells you it’s TWO AM (!) and you have to get up at six *groans*.
  4. Skipping to the good parts because you know EXACTLY where they are. This is part of the craze to finish the entire series. Everyone has favorite scenes, and because you’ve read it all before you know precisely where they are. And then you feel bad and go back to the page you actually was at because skipping feels like cheating.
  5. Hoping for the inevitable: maybe this time that certain character won’t die a horrendous death, while you know there’s nothing you can do to change events that are slowly unfolding with every page you turn.
  6. Do not disturb. When rereading goes right, you’re sucked into the story like a bee is drawn to honey. You will not believe how many times I’ve been asked something while I was reading and gave a response, barely coherent mind you, while I didn’t even realize what has been asked or the fact that I actually replied. Productivity and being a part of ‘muggle-world’ go out of the window until those books are finished!

My advice?

Stock up on food and drinks, lock the doors, curl up on the couch and read away! Make an emergency plan, for example, candles for when the lights go out (just in case), so nothing will keep you from finishing those books. You’re not going to be productive until you finish them anyway, so retract from the world* and read, read, read!

* this advice is not suitable for those of you with a job or other responsibilities. Therefore, I feel the need to include the disclaimer that any action you take upon the information on this post is strictly at your own risk… The book nerd struggles are real!