As the title of the blog post might say, I’ve been on silent for a few days. I was just thinking about how I regret not being able to blog this week when I realized that I didn’t tell you anything about the why. Which is ridiculous because I am really excited to share this with everybody. The explanation, albeit a bit late, is the following: Introduction Week for University. This week of complete and utter madness started on Monday and is coming to an end in Friday. Which means that today was day 3 out of 5, and I’m beat. You have no idea how tired I am right now, and I almost wish I could skip a day. Almost being the key word, because at the same time I’m having so much fun and I wouldn’t really want to miss any of it.

Anyway, this week is called the EL CID-week. It’s THE week to get to know the city, the people you’ll be studying with, as well as all the Student Associations. In short, everything there is to know about starting University. Lots of things to experience, and too many parties throughout the entire week to count. The whole city is filled to the brink with students (I think about 6.000 or so) and there’s stuff to do around every corner.

My group number is 150, and we’re all going to be first year students, studying either English Language & Culture or Film & Literature. I’d say it’s the perfect opportunity to talk books and let out the inner geek. Even though I knew this beforehand, I had reservations about going and the first day I was so nervous that I felt like throwing up. Which was, looking back, totally unnecessary and a bit ridiculous… I panicked for no reason, because the group of people is awesome and super easy-going. There’s lots of laughing, lots of talking, and the past 3 days resulted in a scratchy voice (again! Especially since I just got over my throat infection and had gotten my voice back 2 days before the introduction week started).

Now for a picture, because we all need pictures! I only have one at the moment (the rest is still on my phone and I am too tired to upload them all at the moment, I need to go to bed, but I just can’t before cluing you in on what’s going on) and it was taken on the first day. It’s the group together, all the happy and ‘rested’ faces before all the fun (although, sadly, a few are missing on this picture).

Intro week!

It was going to be just this week, but unexpectedly I signed up for a rowing association. And it happens to be that next week is VIP week, which means I’ll be gone another week. I had no plans to sign up for anything, wanting to do the sensible thing and see how busy I’ll be studying, but it just happened. Yay for being spontaneous! (I try not to think too much about how exhausted I’ll be afterwards!)

I brought 5 books for this week… which was so dumb, because I haven’t touched at least one of them this whole week (and I’m going through some serious withdrawals here). It’s just that busy, and at the end of the day end up being so tired that the only thing I do is sleep. *applauds to oneself for writing this post while I have a serious problem keeping my eyes open*

Anyway, I’m going to get some shuteye now and I’ll try to keep you updated throughout the week (and maybe upload some more pictures)!