This might be an issue every book-nerd has, but boy, lately it’s been worse than ever. New books come in, and I keep stacking new books onto that every growing pile of books, but I hardly ever find the time to sit down and actually read them. There are so many series that I started and loved, then bought the sequels to and are now collecting a pile of dust on my shelves.

The list goes on and on…

I’m going to show you a small peek into that every growing pile of unread books. These are all books I own, either part of a series or a standalone. All books I am actually dying to read, but just haven’t found the time (or peace of mind) to do so.

  1. The Vanishing Throne, the sequel to The Falconer, one of last year’s favorite reads.
  2. Uprooted…
  3. Glass Sword, the sequel to Red Queen.
  4. Crooked Kingdom, the sequel to Six of Crows.
  5. Winter AND Stars Above, the two last books in the Lunar Chronicles series.
  6. Fire AND Bitterblue, the sequel to Graceling and the final installment in the series.
  7. Dragonfly in Amber, the sequel to Outlander.
  8. Lion Heart, last book in the Scarlet trilogy.
  9. Pretty much all of V.E. Schwab’s books.
  10. Rogue, the sequel to Talon (and all books that follow)


And the list goes on…

Resolution time

I am going on a self-imposed book buying ban! First one EVER since I started blogging, but I am going on a book buying ban. That’s right, no more books for Iris UNTIL I’ve finished some of those pretty books that have been collecting dust on my shelves. I am going to keep a score and am going to maybe set up a reward system. Something along the lines of: for every six books I finish (ones that have been sitting on my shelves) I will reward myself by buying ONE book. So it might not be a total book buying ban, but it’s a partial book buying ban, a last resort, preventing that gigantic stack of unread books to somehow fall over and kill me in my sleep some night.