Last Wednesday I traveled quite the distance to get my hands on a copy of the book I wanted. And when I say quite some distance I mean I traveled from Leiden to The Hague (+/- 20k) and then from the Hague to Amsterdam (+/- 99k). The first wasn’t that big a deal, it only takes about 15 minutes to get there by train, but the second was a spontaneous decision after finding out they didn’t have the book I wanted in the bookstore in The Hague.

The book I am talking about is Roar by Cora Carmack. As I’ve been living under a rock the past few months, dealing with finals and deadlines, the existence of Roar had remained a secret to me, and suddenly I saw tons of posts appear featuring this book on Instagram. The cover is gorgeous and when I read the synopsis I was convinced: I simply HAD to read Roar. I usually order my books online and most of the times that means it arrives in my mailbox the next day. Only this time, the estimated delivery time was EIGHT DAYS, and that simply would not do.

One of my favorite bookstores, ABC (American Book Center), has stores in The Hague and Rotterdam and they regularly post pictures of the new books that have arrived in store. I checked and THEY HAD COPIES OF ROAR. So off to The Hague I went, only to hear there that they did not have copies; only the Amsterdam store had. I was planning to go home after that, albeit a bit disappointed, but when I got to the train station instead of getting on the train back to Leiden I figured ‘what the heck’ and spontaneously got on the train to Amsterdam. Two hours later I came out of the Amsterdam ABC store a very happy girl with a newly acquired copy of Roar in my backpack.

I kinda love how spontaneous this decision was. It has been a while since I did something completely random like this and I had a blast. The Hague is a fun city to be in, it has a very nice feeling to it and while I was there I took some time to grab an iced coffee and people-watch for a bit. It also wasn’t a completely wasted trip because I did find a copy of Fairest by Marissa Meyer for my mother. I have never really been a fan of Amsterdam (except for the bookstores, haha), it is way too busy and tourist filled for my taste, so I really just browsed the bookstores and went back home again.

On the train ride home I, of course, started on the first few chapters in Roar and I am so hooked! It has been a while since I was this excited over a book, but damn, this book is the very example of why I love reading so much. IT.IS.AWESOME. Definitely a trip worth taking the time to make! I have about 100 pages left and I can’t stop reading!

When I told my friends what I’d done they looked at me like I’d lost my mind, or they just said they’d expect nothing less from me haha. This is a perfect example of the lengths a book nerd will go (or travel) to get the books they want.

Have you ever done something like this?