As a lifelong book nerd, I admit that I’m really passionate about books. But why do I read?

1. First of all: Escaping

Everybody has those shitty days, the days when you wish you’d ratter stayed in bed. Reading books on days like these makes a huge difference to your mood. Books have the amazing ability to pull you in and grab your undivided attention. They absorb your entire mind. Enter the world of fictional characters where you can tune out the “chatter” of your own thoughts. If things just get to much, books are a welcome oasis where you can escape your own problems and focus on someone else’s story instead.

2. and of course: Entertainment

Ever read a book that had you laughing like crazy? Well I did. Just the other day actually. I was reading this book on the busride home and I came across this scene that had me snorting like a retarted seal. Sure, people looked at me like I was crazy, but who cares! As long as you’re enjoying what you’re reading, who cares what some dumbass has to say about it, It’s their loss!

Also, I enjoy reading those vivid descriptions that authors so brilliantly write. The ones about scenery, about love, and much more, books open new worlds, where the sky is the limit!

3. Last of all: Learning

I know, I know, you’ve hear this one a thousand times, from your mother or teacher or whomever, but why do you think they tell you that? Because it’s most defenitely true! For example, classic novels learn you a huge deal about the time they were written in, they can tell you a lot about society those days and more.

So, if you’re reading this and you’re thinking: what the hell is this girl on?! Books, definitely books! Just take my advice and try it. Read a book. If you choose right, It’ll blow your mind!